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MEET THE TEAM   PROGRESS REPORT 2017 Donations R 12 925,06 Securing 258 FREE Bibles SPECIAL PROJECTS Douw & Cornelia : Comrades4Bibles 2016 R18,870.40 ( 410 Free Bibles ) Douw : Comrades4Bibles 2017 R12,154.00 ( 243 Free Bibles ) Nerissa : Springbok Vasbyt 2017 R 1,310 ( 26 Free Bibles ) Janeane : Dawn2Dusk 2017 R4,356.00 ( 87 Free Bibles ) Background At the 2016 Comrades Expo I decided to join hands with The Bible Society of South Africa and more specifically the Run for Bibles charity initiative. My approach has always been to make all my miles and moments count, and this is just one way of doing it: by running and thereby also supporting a charity. The drive behind this charity is for athletes to choose a race they want to Run for Bibles, this can be any distance - marathon, half-marathon or even a fun run or Park Run, and get people to sponsor them for every kilometer run. This means we do the running, but also rely on others to support us as runners, which in turn will support our Run for Bibles charity. Whilst this may all be good and well, I have, however, given the concept much thought and came up with an alternative which will challenge me even more. The idea is that I will do it first, and then challenge other runners or walkers to do the same. I thus present to you my concept of “Run for Bible Rands” My pledge: “As from, Monday, 06 July 2015, I pledge to donate R1 (one Rand) to the Run for Bibles charity for every kilometer I complete in official races, every month, for one full year.” ( renewed for 2017 ) This way I get to support my own charity in two ways: by creating awareness for this worthy cause and then to also contribute financially to my chosen charity. I will utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to drive this initiative and I also wish to create an opportunity for fellow runners to join in and also make “The Pledge”. This way we can all support the Bible Society of South Africa to also reach their objectives, which is to distribute Bibles in many native tongues throughout South Africa. Do you also want to join me in support of The Bible Society of South Africa – and Run for Bibles ? Here is how you can also join hands and support this awesome charity. Complete the ONLINE FORM which will capture your personal details ( it will then be submitted to me ) I will then get you registered and give you your donor number ( this I get from the Bible Society of SA ) Then start running and keep proper log of all your official races. At the end of the month, add up all your kilometers in official races and convert that to rands ( example : 50km = R50 ) Pay that amount to the Bible Society ( EFT ) and send only proof of payment to the Bible Society and CC me with the same email so I can use the info  to update the totals on the web page, showing the total amount we’ve donated for this cause. EXTRA : You can also get your friends or family to match your amount, once off or monthly, that is entirely up to you. This is the banking details of the Bible Society of South Africa Account Holder :  Bible Society of South Africa Bank :  ABSA Account number :  260 220 748 Branch Code :  632005 Reference : Your Name plus Run4BibleRands ( It is important to make sure you add your reference when making a deposit ) CONTACT ME for more information of if you have any queries.
Run For  Bible Rands Support for Bibles – one Kilometer at a time
Douw Prinsloo
Together we #Run4BibleRands
Douw Prinsloo
Douw Prinsloo Joined 06.7.2015 Total BibleRands to date : R1602.00 Antoinette Hartslief Joined 02.03.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R3104.00 Anton Reyneke Joined 06.10.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R200,00 Caren Van Vuuren Joined 02.03.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R337.20 Charmaine Warriker Joined 21.2.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R1708.00
Cornelia Hutchinson Joined 12.9.2015 Total BibleRands to date : R1028.10 Henk Taljaard Joined 03.03.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R855.90 Janeane Watt ( Resigned ) Joined 26.06.2017 Total Bible Rands to date : R650.00 Nicolene Prinsloo Joined 14.03.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R391.00 Paulo Lopes Joined 07.9.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R107.00
Phillip Jacobs Joined 29.3.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R31.20 Rina Riley Joined 21.2.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R897.00 Tarrin Jacobs Joined 29.3.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R583.76 Therese Doman Joined 14.03.2017 Total BibleRands to date : R778.90
OTHER CONTRIBUTIONS Karen Clouter ( Ontario, Canada ) R 250 gift of love Salome Meiring R50 gift of love Masizakhe Mathai R50.48 gift of love