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Read more about what I do for charity and how you can get involved

Why run for a charity ? I think this question is asked a lot and people will without doubt have different answers to it. Here is my take on it. First and foremost for me it is about the athlete who commit to the challenge, so I believe the biggest motivating factor behind running for a charity is to help an athlete to stay motivated; there is a level of obligation on your part to get up and go out for a purpose, for your charity. The motivation factor can be a huge help just at the times when your training is getting tough and you’re thinking of slacking down a bit. Fact is, at the end of the day, your effort makes a difference, a real difference, because money raised by runners at hundreds of races throughout the year provides invaluable funds to their chosen charities. This brings me back to my own motto, “Making Miles and Moments Count”. To support your chosen charity is also a way for you to say “Thank you” for what they do, in a more personal and tangible way. It is not always just about raising funds, that is definitely a big part of it, but it is also about creating awareness for your chosen charity in your community. Whatever your charity, make your every step count and help a charity in need to reach their goals. My charity is THE BIBLE SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA
Visit [ www.run4biblerands.co.za ] for more information