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Why run for a charity ? I think this question is asked a lot and people will without doubt have different answers to it. Here is my take on it. First and foremost for me it is about the athlete who commit to the challenge, so I believe the biggest motivating factor behind running for a charity is to help an athlete to stay motivated; there is a level of obligation on your part to get up and go out for a purpose, for your charity. The motivation factor can be a huge help just at the times when your training is getting tough and you’re thinking of slacking down a bit. Fact is, at the end of the day, your effort makes a difference, a real difference, because money raised by runners at hundreds of races throughout the year provides invaluable funds to their chosen charities. This brings me back to my own motto, “Making Miles and Moments Count”. To support your chosen charity is also a way for you to say “Thank you” for what they do, in a more personal and tangible way. It is not always just about raising funds, that is definitely a big part of it, but it is also about creating awareness for your chosen charity in your community. Whatever your charity, make your every step count and help a charity in need to reach their goals. My charity is THE BIBLE SOCIETY OF SOUTH AFRICA  [ PROGRESS REPORT ] At the 2015 Comrades Expo I decided to join hands with The Bible Society of South Africa and more specifically the Run for Bibles charity initiative. My approach has always been to make one’s miles and moments count, and this is just one way of doing it: by running and thereby also supporting a charity. The drive behind this charity is for athletes to choose a race they want to Run for Bibles, this can be any distance - marathon, half-marathon or even a fun run or Park Run, and get people to sponsor them for every kilometer run. This means we do the running, but also rely on others to support us as runners, which in turn will support our Run for Bibles charity. Whilst this may all be good and well, I have, however, given the concept much thought and came up with an alternative which will challenge me even more. The idea is that I will do it first, and then challenge other runners or walkers to do the same. You can join me by supporting the Bible Society of South Africa in two ways, sign up for the “Run for Bible Rands” project or if you are a marathon runner, or know someone who have completed a marathon, join The Marathon Club. Please follow the links below to learn more about these two charity opportunities where the Bible Society of South Africa is the single and only beneficiary. In 2016 myself & Cornelia Hutchinson dedicate our Comrades Marathon to the Bible Society of South Africa, making our every step count for the #Run4Bibles project. We were blessed beyond our expectations by the generosity of the people supporting us and at the end of the day we have raised a staggering R14 323.30 for this cause ! Thank you to each and every person who have blessed us with your love, support and generosity ! This money will be used to make available 311 FREE Bibles to those who need it most. God bless you all ! Why don’t you join us and start to run for something more than just yourself, something more than just a medal ? Join us and start to run for Bibles. Click HERE for more information ! Here is another exciting way in which you can help me support the Bible Society of South Africa. [ READ MORE ]