People who know me will tell you that I love photos, I love taking pictures at races, after all, these are the memories we get to take home, apart from the tired and sore legs and race medals off course. So here is where you will get a little glimpse into my world of running and “meet” the amazing people I get to share the road with. [ CLICK HERE ]

Race Photos

Making miles and memories count

Don’t allow people to snatch your dreams away from you. Live your best possible life and let it be yours to live. Read more about my thoughts on this topic. Updated 03 September 2017  [ CLICK HERE ]

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This is where I share my personal race diary to give you an idea of what I am up on my road to Comrades and beyond. Check out these dates and join me at one of these events. [ CLICK HERE ]

Race Diary

This is all about the races I do

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